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The Club for Handicap People

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Latest news 25.01.2024

As of May 31, 2024, this website will
be closed after 22 years.

- We are preparing a new website -


The Wheelchair Users Club was established in May 2002. Since 2015, it has been registered with the Regional Court in Hradec Králové as Klub vozíčkářů Trutnov – Bukovinka, z.s. (“Wheelchair Users Club”)

The target group of the club is not only wheelchair users, but also people with other physical or mental disabilities. We also welcome cooperation with other interest groups and organizations that have a positive attitude to the disability issue.

Since 2003, the Wheelchair Users Club has been based in Trutnov. The club has its own premises in the building of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church at 146 Úpická Street, with completely barrier-free environment.

Practical activities include visits to cultural and other hobby events, educational lectures, trips to the surroundings, handicrafts, as well as informal meetings of the club members and their family and friends. The wheelchair users also invite guests that have various interests and professions. Suggestions for activities are based on the wishes of the members, and are carried out according to them, with regard to current possibilities.

The aim of the club is to strive for the integration of people with disabilities into society. With a little help, everyday grappling with unpleasant obstacles is not insurmountable for wheelchair users. We hope that our activity will contribute to greater contact between disabled and healthy people, and expand possibilities for wheelchair users to spend their free time actively and in an interesting way. Therefore, the club plays a social and educational role in social rehabilitation.

We welcome new members - not only wheelchair users, but also people with physical disabilities who do not use a wheelchair. The club also provides an opportunity for active relaxation for people who take care of the sick. There is also a call for volunteers who want to participate in the Wheelchair Users Club activities, or assist the disabled.

Mgr. Ivan Adamec, Mayor of the City of Trutnov, also expressed his support of our activity:
“Unfortunately, the sad truth is that not all members of our society enjoy the same living conditions. By that I mean mainly disabled fellow citizens. The level of human society can also be measured by the way in which it is able to compensate for their life handicap. I believe that although the situation in the Czech Republic a since 1989, we still have a long way to go in this area.”


Our club’s website was designed, and is updated by Mr. Martin Čapek Mara-Soft, who provides this service free of charge.

Jan and Jarmila Roček, on behalf of the Wheelchair Users Club.

Update: 25.01.2024


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